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Ride Manager Information

Setting up and managing a CMO ride is fun and helps you understand the sport better. Here are a couple of documents that walk you through putting on a ride:

   Ride Manager Aid
   Ride Manager's Helper

They have a slightly different perspective; reading both of them would be a good idea.

Contact your NACMO representative for insurance information.

After your ride, consider adding a blog post about it using this link. Log in, then pull down on New and choose Post.

If you don't have a login or you have questions, contact


Ride Sanction Forms
   IN/IL: pdf 
   MI: Word pdf 
   MN/WI: pdf 
   NJ/PA/MD: pdf pdf 
   Selkirk: pdf 
   WA: Fillable Write-in 
Entry Forms
Release Form
Membership Applications
Score Sheet - MS Excel
Score Sheet - PDF
Tally Sheets
   IN/IL: pdf 
   KY/TN: pdf 
   MI: Word pdf 
   MN/WI: pdf 
   NJ/PA/MD: pdf 
   Selkirk: pdf 
   WA: Fillable Write-in 
State DNR Forms

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